Generation Outage



Leaders across the energy & utility industry are increasingly focused on the challenge of generation outage, and for good reason – every minute a plant is unable to produce power due to an unplanned outage, their company is losing money. Whether it’s steep non-performance charges levied by PJM when a power producer is unable to meet its auction obligations during system emergencies, or being forced to purchase power at inflated prices during high demand, generation outages can be the source of significant financial loss.

To help our members tackle this issue, AEGIS has created generation outage policies that cover capacity performance or contingent outage, while delivering the mutual advantages of price stability, contract certainty, and member-focused service. These unplanned outage policies are available to a wide range of members: independent power producers, large utilities, municipalities, cooperatives and private equities, as well as all types of fossil fuel or nuclear plants. 

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