AEGIS Structured Settlements

The AEGIS Structured Settlements Company (TASSC) provides structured settlement services to the energy industry through our alliance with Arcadia Settlements Group and Alliant/Mesirow Structured Settlements.

A structured settlement is an alternate method of compensating injured parties through a settlement that includes both an upfront cash payment and a series of tax-free future payments. Structured settlements provide greater security and certainty to people made vulnerable by injury. Structured settlements ensure a strong financial future for all parties involved by providing tax-free payments to claimants, and final resolution for defendants..

TASSC consultants are dedicated to facilitating prompt claims resolution and can assist you in identifying solutions that best meet a claimant’s needs. The proper use of structured settlements, on both liability and workers’ compensation claims, can eliminate ongoing management of claim files, saving you time and money. 

Your TASSC consultant will assist in the resolution of the case by providing a cost analysis of future damage elements (life-care plans, wage loss, etc.) and providing flexible plans tailored to the claimant’s needs. Once the case is settled, your consultant will work with you and your counsel to complete the documentation necessary to fund the future payments with an annuity purchased from a secure life insurance company (TASSC utilizes life markets rated A+ or better by A.M. Best Company). Under the terms of the settlement, the claimant relinquishes the claim against you, and the life company assumes the obligation for all future payments.

TASSC’s full range of services help resolve claims to your best advantage while satisfying claimants, all at no cost to AEGIS member companies. Services include:

  • TASSC program introduction and educational presentations at your offices.
  • Assistance with both non-reported claims within your retention and AEGIS reported claims.
  • Participation at settlement conferences and mediation; on-site professional advice.
  • Life-care plan and economic report cost analysis.
  • Structures designed for special needs trusts, MSAs, reversionary trusts and 468(b) trusts.
  • Drafting and review of settlement agreements and assignment agreements to ensure compliance with life company requirements.