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July 28, 2015

2015 Policyholders’ Conference attracts record number of members and brokers

Our thanks to all of you who attended our annual Policyholders’ Conference in Nashville last week. There were more members and brokers at this year’s conference than there have been in seven years.  What’s most impressive is that with fewer member companies, in large part due to industry consolidation, more members attended this year.  This means the level of participation is up, and that’s important to us because it’s a reflection of the value you place on the conference.  Thank you for this fantastic support.

Many of the general session and breakout session presentations made at the conference are posted on our website and the AEGIS PHC 2015 app, including Bob Hartwig's report on economic and insurance market conditions, Jon Miller’s “Tales of a Real-Life Hacker” presentation, and the drone and cyber claim tabletop breakout session presentations which attracted 216 and 287 members and brokers respectively, breaking the attendance records for PHC breakouts.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Policyholders’ Conference, which will be held July 25 to July 28, at the Westin Boston Waterfront, in Boston. 

AEGIS Strategy Refresh – send us your comments

As many of you know, we’ve been working throughout the past year with RMAC members, the Board of Directors, brokers and AEGIS senior management in the U.S. and London on a Strategy Refresh project. The goal has been to reexamine the AEGIS mission, as well as the products and services we provide, to make sure they’re relevant as we move forward.  We summarized the strategic process at the PHC and highlighted the opportunities we plan to pursue.  We’ve heard comments from many of you, but we want to hear from all our members and brokers.  Please go to the website, sign in by entering your user name and password, go to the PHC 2015 presentations page, and click on George Keefe’s presentation: AEGIS Strategy Refresh.  The presentation is password-protected, so you must enter your user name and password to access the presentation. At the end of the presentation, you will find an e-mail link that allows you to send your comments on the Strategy Refresh to us.  You can also share your thoughts by contacting George Keefe directly by e-mail or by phone at 201.508.2797.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Cyber coverage gains momentum with new U.S. underwriting team

AEGIS cyber coverage is now underwritten by a new team based in the U.S. The maximum capacity for our CyberResilience+ product remains $50 million.  The policy provides Difference in Conditions (DIC) coverage which wraps around existing AEGIS property and excess liability programs to help provide back-to-back cyber protection of information technology and operational technology against cyber attacks, cyber terrorism and security breaches. 

At the conference, many of you had the opportunity to meet members of our new cyber underwriting team which is based in New Jersey and led by Dawn Simmons, Vice President, and Ho-Tay Ma, Underwriting Officer.  Dawn and Ho-Tay have received more than 30 inquiries and 10 requests for quotes, and have bound one cyber policy in the short time they’ve been up and running, and we’re grateful for this support.  For more information, please contact Dawn by e-mail or by phone at 201.508.2629.

New drone coverage announced at PHC

We were pleased to introduce our new drone coverage at the conference.  Our new policy offers the full $35 million in coverage for drones, and we will now attach at your corporate retention rather than the previous $10 million minimum requirement.  All drones are covered up the FAA maximum of 55 pounds, and when approval is obtained for operating beyond visual line of sight, we can extend the coverage accordingly.  For more information, please contact George Keefe by e-mail or by phone at 201.508.2797. 

Monthly webinar – First Responder Accountability and Concerns – August 5 – register now

Please register now for the next in the series of monthly webinars conducted by AEGIS Loss Control – First Responder Accountability and Concerns – which will be held on Wednesday, August 5, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time.

The webinar will focus on the appropriate response to emergency situations involving natural gas operations.  Natural gas utility field technicians who act as the utility’s first responders are many times the first trained people at the scene of a potential natural gas emergency or incident.  The decisions they make to protect life and property have a significant impact on public safety as well as the public’s confidence in the utility to deliver safe and reliable service.  The webinar will discuss the importance of the first responder’s actions and decision making at the scene of a reported natural gas odor, fire, broken main or service, explosion, and other possible natural gas incidents.  It will also discuss one company’s approach to field service technician training as well as their philosophy on emergency response, including interactions and relationships with fire department emergency personnel, use of engineering controls as they relate to employee and public safety, details of a unique fire department training program and a newly implemented company emergency responder training curriculum.

This webinar will be presented by Scott Powell, Director Safety Security & Compliance, and Randi Boswell, Senior Instructional Designer at Atmos Energy.

On the morning of the webinar, you will receive a reminder and instructions for participating.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Michelle Battagliese by e-mail or by phone at 201.508.2855. 

The remaining monthly webinar topics in 2015 include:

  • Call Center Emergency Call Handling

  • Natural Gas System – Leak Survey Technology

  • Utility Contractor Pre-Qualifications

If you have any questions about the monthly AEGIS Loss Control webinars, please contact Scot Macomber, Vice President – Loss Control Utility Operations, by e-mail or by phone at 201.508.2739.

Regional member and broker meetings – save the date

Our regional member and broker meetings are one of the best ways we stay in touch with you, and they help us make sure you’re getting exactly what you need from AEGIS.   Please save the date for these upcoming meetings:

Washington, D.C.       

Tuesday, November 17      

Atlanta, GA         

Tuesday, December 8         

San Francisco, CA      

Tuesday, January 5

Cleveland, OH

Wednesday, March 16

The regional meetings are also an ideal way to further involve your risk management and finance colleagues with your company’s insurance program, discuss current energy and insurance issues, and learn more about your mutual.  At these meetings, small groups of members and brokers meet with AEGIS senior management to discuss these topics as well as any new initiatives at AEGIS.  We’ll also answer any questions you may have.  Most attendees find that these small meetings are conducive to comparing notes and networking with other risk managers and brokers.  Please come prepared to discuss risk management issues, general insurance market conditions, cyber risk, ERM and other current topics.

Each meeting is a one-day event and you should be able to drive or fly between home and the meeting on the same day.  However, if you need to stay overnight, AEGIS will reimburse one person from each member company for one night’s stay in the meeting hotel.  We look forward to seeing you!