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New AEGIS Lessons Learned videos posted to website

New AEGIS Lessons Learned® videos – A Call for Help – have been posted on the AEGIS website. One version focuses on electric utility operations and another focuses on natural gas utility operations. The videos are intended for call center employees and stress the critical importance of the actions they take during emergency calls. Callers expect accurate information and guidance when faced with unusual or dangerous situations and it’s important for call center employees to handle the calls properly, understand what callers are describing, obtain accurate information, and offer advice to help protect life and property. Risk managers are encouraged to share these videos with their colleagues in the call centers, operations, engineering and safety areas of their companies. Each utility has specific policies and procedures, therefore the videos can’t be used as a basis for “best practices” but they do illustrate general principles and they can help stimulate productive conversations with call center employees.

For questions about this or any other AEGIS Loss Control video, please contact Scot Macomber by e-mail or phone at 201.508.2739.