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AEGIS renewal meetings with member company CEOs, CFOs and senior executives

All parties benefit from the face-to-face renewal meetings that take place here in East Rutherford, in Manhattan or in the offices of our members. We always come away with a better understanding of your risks when we can discuss them with you in real time. And we sense that you gain a better appreciation of the benefits of AEGIS when we can take time to discuss the state of the mutual, highlight its strength and its flexibility, and introduce you to some of the professionals who work behind the scenes.

In recent times, a number of you have brought your CEOs, CFOs and other senior executives along for high-level discussions with me and other members of my senior staff. We think these expanded meetings are particularly productive. We’re told the exposure helps you because your senior folks can see firsthand that there is a black-and-white difference between AEGIS and the commercial carriers that participate above or alongside us on your programs. And these meetings are a great benefit to us because we learn more about your company and the industry on a broad strategic level.

We are always pleased when we can hold these meetings here in East Rutherford or Manhattan. We know your senior people often come to New York for industry meetings and to meet with security analysts and investment bankers. With some careful coordination, we could arrange more of our renewal meetings to coincide with their plans. Alternatively, Wes von Schack and I could travel to meet your senior people in your offices on selected occasions if that would make things easier. We hope you’ll keep this in mind as you schedule your renewal discussions with us.