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October unaudited financial results

We are pleased to report that things have continued to go well for AEGIS since the Policyholders' Conference. The unaudited year-to-date results for the period ending October 31 show a bottom-line growth in total surplus of $29 million from $1.001 billion to $1.030 billion since year-end 2010. Premiums are ahead of last year at this time by $101 million, due largely to favorable London and property writings. Our 2011 underwriting year losses have been manageable so far and, due to favorable runoff of prior year reserves, our combined ratio is currently ahead of plan at 98%. Despite the volatility in the equity and bond markets, our conservative investment approach has responded relatively well, yielding a total investment return of 3.16% or $90 million for the year-to-date. We hope this financial growth continues through the remainder of the year.