Customer premises_event
Customer Premises Practices - The Importance of Documentation
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm Online

Almost all natural gas companies enter customer premises to complete work beyond the outlet of the natural gas meter, where jurisdictional responsibility ends.  Work typically performed by a natural gas company service technician or first responder includes initiating or re-initiating natural gas service, lighting natural gas appliances, inspecting appliances to be sure they are safe to operate, and responding to and investigating reports of natural gas leaks, odors or other emergencies.

The documentation of findings, work performed and/or safety advice given to customers can sometimes present problems in the future.  Documentation may not follow company procedures, the order forms themselves can be a mix-and-match of paper and electronic, or there may be no documentation at all.  What if there is a claim or an incident at the customer’s premises after the natural gas company completed its work?  What will the documentation show when an investigation of the claim or incident takes place?  The importance of documentation from the operational and legal perspectives will be the focus of this webinar. 

The presenter will be G. Bruce Parkerson, Esq., a partner with Plauché Maselli & Parkerson, LLP in New Orleans, and a member of the AEGIS Gas Litigation Service.  His trial specialty is the defense of natural gas utilities, with a particular expertise in lawsuits involving ignition of flammable vapors, natural gas leaks and the origin and cause of fire.  He has also defended carbon monoxide and odorant inhalation claims.