Diagnostic Center_event
The Benefits of a Smart Maintenance and Diagnostic Center
Wednesday, July 6, 2016 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm Online

The power generation industry has always sought to better leverage technologies to manage maintenance costs, increase equipment reliability and optimize the productivity of its workforce.  A well-functioning Maintenance and Diagnostic (M&D) Center enables plant operators to troubleshoot, remove equipment from service when necessary, and prepare contingencies for potential power failures, which results in greater generation asset availability and lower costs.

This webinar will provide an overview of a Smart M&D Center initiative.  In the past, most M&D staff focused primarily on data collection, rather than analytics.  An effective Smart M&D Center can integrate digital technologies, analytics, and the expertise of seasoned plant operators to deliver a highly scalable services platform.

The webinar will be presented by Clinton Carter, Director, Operations Services for Luminant.  Clinton is responsible for the fleet operations programs and procedures, nuclear and fossil plant thermodynamic performance, and fossil plant chemistry.  He also oversees the Power Optimization Center, a remote monitoring and diagnostic support facility serving both the nuclear and fossil generating fleet.  Clinton has 30 years of electric utility experience, including expertise gained through a variety of positions at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Kansas State University, a Master of Science in Engineering Technology from the University of North Texas, and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Christian University.