Theft of Utility Service - event
Theft of Utility Services - How to Protect Your Most Valuable Commodity
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm Online

Theft or tampering with utility services is illegal and dangerous.  When individuals tamper or bypass utility service, they cause safety hazards which could result in personal injury and damage to property from an explosion, fire or electrocution.  Additionally, tampering with utility service affects all customers of the utility because theft of service can lead to increased rates and fees.

This webinar will focus on the Vectren Energy utility theft program.   The presentation includes lessons that have been learned in dealing with service theft, and how the utility’s theft program has evolved from a reactive to a proactive program.  Meter tampering, identifying service theft, employee incentive programs, customer education on the dangers of utility theft, and prosecuting those who steal utility service will be discussed.  Additionally, the “back-office” processes will be included.

The webinar will be presented Melissa Harter, Team Lead, Customer Billing; Rob Goodge, Manager, Receivables Management, Credit and Collections; and Kathy Oxby, Supervisor, Customer Billing; all of Vectren Energy.