How do I request access to password-protected content?

AEGIS allows employees who work for a company insured under an AEGIS policy to request access.

During the registration process you will be prompted to identify your primary role. AEGIS defines these roles as follows:

Risk manager - A person who works for a policyholder or member company who handles the risk management function. A broker may sometimes function as a risk manager on a policy even though they may not be employed at a policyholder or member company.

Member employee - other - A person who works for a company which is insured under an AEGIS policy, and is NOT a principal risk manager, risk manager or member operations staff.

Broker - A person who works for a brokerage company as an intermediary between a policyholder and an insurance company. By law the broker may also be an agent of the insurer for certain purposes such as delivery of the policy or collection of the premium. 

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You must request access with your company e-mail address.