Cyber Coverage & Services

Cyber incidents can seriously damage organizations by increasing costs, reducing revenues and impairing the ability to serve customers. AEGIS is an industry leader in cyber insurance, specializing in tailored coverage and program solutions for AEGIS member companies.

The AEGIS CyberResilience+ policy provides expanded coverage and even broader terms to protect against today’s emerging risks. We offer coverage for both third-party liability claims and first-party loss coverage following a cyber incident.

CyberResilience+ Product Features

  • $75 million in capacity

Third-Party Liability Coverages

  • Privacy & Security Liability
  • Regulatory Actions for Privacy Breaches and Security Breaches
  • Media Liability
  • Payment Card Industry
  • Failure to Supply Coverage (contractual liability coverage)

First-Party Loss Coverages

  • Breach Response Services
  • Business Interruption Loss
  • Data Asset Restoration
  • Cyber Extortion
Additional Features
  • Tailored coverage for the energy sector
  • Policy written on an indemnification basis
  • Modular policy form
  • Affirmative  coverage for enterprise systems and industrial control systems (ICS)/SCADA
  • Broad definition of third-party vendor that applies to all elected insuring agreements
  • Allows the insured flexibility to use  an AEGIS Incident Response Panel vendor or to select their preferred vendor
  • Intentional shutdown and regulatory shutdown coverage  to mitigate a system interruption
  • Limited War Exclusion
  • Contingent Business Interruption for upstream suppliers and downstream customers available by endorsement
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Difference in Conditions (DIC) option which wraps coverage around existing policies, i.e., property, casualty, terrorism and environmental. This delivers full cyber coverage for physical damage, bodily injury and environmental issues.

AEGIS Breach Response Partners

In the event of a data breach or cyber incident, the AEGIS incident response  services enable member companies to respond quickly, flexibly and confidently to any data breach or attack on critical infrastructure. The global network of legal, forensic and risk management experts available through the AEGIS eRisk Hub provides the support needed to help get the right information to the right people at the right time.

AEGIS cyber coverage and services for small to midsize member companies

AEGIS recently introduced a cyber product and underwriting process for member companies with annual revenues up to $750 million.  

The AEGIS Middle Market Enterprise Cyber Initiative features:

  • Up to $10 million in limits of liability 
  • Minimum retention of $25,000
  • The AEGIS CyberResilience+ form  
  • A complimentary cybersecurity Health Check Report from Cyence that provides topline peer analytics and best practices for utility operations.  The report is offered to all AEGIS members, whether they purchase AEGIS cyber coverage or not, as a value-added benefit of membership.  The Cyber Health Check report is provided by request only and it’s based on a non-intrusive, online assessment that identifies possible areas for improvement in external network security.
  • A dedicated 24-hour cyber incident hotline that policyholders can call immediately after the discovery of a cyber event.