Loss Control

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments provide an objective review of operating procedures and practices with the goal of helping member companies identify potential problem areas and improve the safety of the public and employees.

The assessments, conducted by senior loss control staff members over an average of three days, consist of meetings with key support, engineering and operating personnel as well as reviews of reported claims and various practices, policies and programs.

  • Electric risk assessments that include environmental programs, design standards, system inspections, dams and joint pole-use agreements.
  • Natural gas risk assessments that include continuing surveillance, damage prevention, odorization, customer premise practices and public safety awareness programs.
  • Water risk assessments that include damage prevention and leak detection, regulatory compliance, filtration and disinfection, and water loss control.

To prepare for an electric, natural gas, and/or water utility risk assessment, please read our pre-visit documents.

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Call Center Assessment

AEGIS Loss Control professionals can conduct call center assessments that focus on the utility’s emergency call handling procedures and practices. These on-site reviews examine the key components of successful call handling operations and provide constructive advice concerning their effectiveness from a risk management and loss control perspective.