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Loss Control 2020 Webinar Schedule - Updated

Webinars are a series of one-hour webcast sessions on topics of interest to electric, natural gas, water utilities, fire protection and generation stations.  Risk managers, as well as safety, engineering, and operations personnel, can attend from the convenience of their offices.  Past webinars are posted on our website and include topics that address safety, inspections and maintenance practices.

Scheduled for the remainder of 2020 are the following webinar topics:

LNG/CNG Mobile Energy Services

May 6, 2020

Renewable Portfolio Issues and Trends Related to Property Preservation

June 3, 2020

No webinar in July

Small Cell Wireless Attachments on Utility Poles

August 5, 2020

Energy Storage Issues and Trends

September 9, 2020

Roving Damage Prevention Coordinators

October 7, 2020

Pipeline Safety Management and Public Safety Awareness

Nov. 4, 2020

Methane Detectors – A Utility‘s Project Update

December 2, 2020

An invitation to attend the webinar is sent to those who have registered or are on our e-mail list approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled date.  Any questions please contact Scot Macomber, Vice President Loss Control Utility Operations at 201-508-2739 or at