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Industry Pulse - COVID-19 Environment

What AEGIS Loss Control Has Learned

In an effort to provide our Members from the Natural Gas Industry information on events that impact you, AEGIS Loss Control has put together a list of how companies across the country are responding to inside odor emergencies in this current COVID-19 environment.   Although specific procedures can differ from company to company, the purpose of this information is to give our members an idea of how the Natural Gas industry is responding during this pandemic event.   All companies who were contacted are continuing to advise the customer to evacuate the premise and move to a safe location when an inside odor complaint is registered with the companies Call or Dispatch Center.

Call Center/Dispatch Operations

Many companies have implemented additional questions that are being asked of the customer, some include:

  • Has anyone been ill lately?
  • Has anyone tested positive for the COVID-19?
  • Has anyone been quarantined, either due to the virus or as a precaution?

This information is relayed to the 1st responder assigned to the call.

1st Responder

Every company is implementing safe guards around their investigation protocols as this pandemic continues to progress. 

Upon Arrival - Questioning

  • Make contact with the customer.
  • Re-question the customer about the status of those living at the presence.
  • Explain to the customer that the company has asked that Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines are followed during the investigation—primarily the social distancing – minimum of 6’ separation.


  • Making it safe – Determine if a hazard exists and then turn and lock off meter for future investigation.
  • Staying outside the premise, turning off the meter and conducting an outside leak investigation.
  • Engage the local Fire Department/Police Department to assist in the investigation and offer health related services.
  • In cases of COVID-19 positive or suspected infection, 1st Responders enter only after donning a tyvex suit, face shield, hood and gloves.
  • Investigate as normal then upon exiting engage in cleaning/disinfecting PPE, tools and equipment.
  • Document the condition and your action and findings as you normally would.

Cleaning/Disposal of PPE

  • Implementing new policies on cleaning PPE, tools and equipment.
  • Disposing of all sanitary wipes and tyvex suits in separate bag for proper disposal.
  • Wiping down all tools and equipment (CGI) used in premise.

Workforce Precautions

  • Two-person crews have been eliminated to separate workers.
  • Employees are allowed to bring their vehicles home and work and respond from home.
  • Work groups have been established and have been isolated from each other in an attempt to control the virus from infecting a whole workforce.
  • CDC guidelines are being followed for suspected cases of infection.

Additional Information

  • Non emergency customer premise work has been suspended.
  • Construction renewals and new services are being stopped short of reconnecting the customer to eliminate re-piping and relighting of appliances to minimize personal contact.
  • Inside surveys are being suspended.
  • Outside routine work is being suspended.
  • Credit and Collection activities are being suspended.