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New functionality makes it easier to use and share Review of Major Liability Losses (RMLLs)

RMLLs provide valuable information regarding the nature and significance of large losses associated with electric and natural gas utility operations.  Intended to be used in conjunction with a utility's risk management program, the RMLL claim summaries highlight information or events contributing to the incident described. A "Lessons To Be Learned" section included with each claim description contains suggestions to prevent a recurrence.  The situations described are actual events and in all cases, utility employees, customers, contractors, emergency responders, or children are injured, as a result of a procedure not followed, or a shortcut taken by a trained and qualified service provider.

AEGIS has added new functionality to the website to allow members to print individual RMLLs or create PDF documents via the print icon on the right side of the page.  These valuable lessons learned documents can be shared throughout your organization for discussion at safety meetings or attached to engineering or standards bulletins.