On-Site Training for Natural Gas & Water Operations

Trained, qualified employees help utilities operate and maintain safe and reliable systems. The courses offered by AEGIS are designed to teach not only the principles, but also how to apply these principles in the field.

These for-fee programs are offered on-site at AEGIS member company facilities, utilizing the company’s specific procedures and instruments.


First Response
This program teaches first response personnel the procedures to follow when responding to reports of gas leaks and odors. The basics of natural gas and the proper operation and use of gas detection equipment will provide the student with a thorough background for investigating leak and odor complaints. Specific company procedures can be included in the program upon request. Attendees of the program have traditionally come from the Customer Service Department, however the topics presented are pertinent for all operating personnel.

Investigation of Gas-Related Incidents
The thorough investigation of a gas-related incident is critical in determining the cause and possible potentially liable parties. The program discusses the types of evidence to look for and various methods of sample collection in addition to the initial actions that should be taken by the gas company upon arrival at the incident scene. This program is appropriate for investigators, claims, legal and first response personnel.

Leakage Program Management
This program describes the various components of an effective Leak Management Program and how to properly implement them. Types of leak surveys, survey schedules, available equipment, documentation and the management of leaks are discussed. The course is applicable to personnel in charge of planning, supervising, and conducting these inspections.

Customer Contact
This program is specific to those who answer the phone and dispatch odor complaint calls. It covers the basics of natural gas, carbon monoxide and leak causes. A major focus of this program is teaching personnel what questions to ask, identifying "red flag" answers, and providing the proper response. Selected, pertinent scenarios are used to qualify the proper responses.

Gas Leak Pinpointing
This program teaches the steps involved in accurately pinpointing underground gas leaks. Pinpointing has become the most inefficient, time consuming and costly portion of a leakage program. This class is designed to make the pinpointing process safer, more efficient and help reduce costly "misses".

Utility Locating
This program is designed for one-call locating personnel, as well for construction and maintenance personnel. It covers the principles involved and the techniques required to accurately locate the underground distribution system.

The acclaimed AEGIS “Lessons Learned” video series are integral parts of this program.


Pipe Locating and Water Leak Detection
This program is designed to provide the training needed to efficiently manage two major problems in the water industry -- pipe locating and water leak detection. This two-day program includes classroom training in the morning sessions and "hands-on" field training in the afternoon sessions. The program is designed for technicians who actually use the pipe locating/leak detection equipment, as well as for those who may approve, manage or monitor pipe locating and water leakage programs.

Course Content:

  • Types of electronic pipe locators
  • Factors which influence "unaccounted for"
  • Proper operation of electronic pipe locators
  • Benefits of a leakage detection program
  • Factors which may influence an accurate locate
  • What does a leak cost?
  • Overcoming locating problems
  • Principles of sonic leak detection
  • Markouts
  • Conducting a water leakage survey