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Living our values...

AEGIS Londonís growing reputation Ė our aspiration to be the best Ė sticks in peopleís minds. This reputation, of course, starts with our people and their ability to forge and retain personal relationships with our clients.

The way we achieve this is by hiring the best people and ensuring that they will fit with our culture. Then itís a matter of nurturing their talent and skills and fostering long-term careers.

We are told that AEGIS London has a different atmosphere from its rivals: itís a friendly place in which to work and to do business, but people also pick up on our energy, enthusiasm and passion. The reason for this is simple Ė we live to a set of core values which touch on everything that we do:

  • We respect everyone we work with
  • We operate for the mutual benefit of all involved
  • We treat claims fairly
  • We always strive to be better, challenging complacency
  • We are agile
  • We are committed to constant learning
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