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New contingent outage and capacity performance products

Our new Contingent Outage policy offers an aggregate limit of $30 million for members who experience unplanned events (outages or derates) and are forced to purchase power back at inflated prices during periods of high demand, or experience derates during price spikes in power markets. 

Our new Capacity Performance policy offers an aggregate limit up to $50 million for members who participate in the PJM Capacity Performance auction and similar markets. The policy helps offset the increasingly steep non-performance charges that are levied against a member company when it is unable to meet its auction obligations due to an unplanned event during an Emergency Event declared by the relevant market.

Both products are specifically designed by our energy property experts to help members manage the potentially significant financial losses associated with the uncertainties of today’s power generation market. For more information on these two new generation outage products, please contact Bob Finelli, Vice President – Property by e-mail or phone at 201 508 2657.