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2016 Policyholders’ Conference attracts an all-time record number of attendees

Our thanks to all of you who attended our annual Policyholders’ Conference in Boston.  There were more members and brokers at this year’s conference than there have been in eight years, and counting your families and guests, we set an all-time record for the total number of attendees.  What’s most gratifying is that with fewer member companies, in large part due to energy industry consolidation, more members attended this year.  This means the level of participation is up, and that’s important to us because it’s a reflection of the value you place on the conference.  In addition, more than 130 members and brokers were first-time attendees, which is an indication of the speed with which new people are joining your organizations, and we’re happy to welcome them to the mutual.  We were also pleased that 90% of members and brokers rated the conference as “outstanding” or “exceeded expectations” which is the second-highest score in the history of the conference.  Thank you for this tremendous support.

Many of the general session and breakout session presentations made at the conference are posted on our website and the AEGIS PHC 2016 app, including Bob Hartwig's report on economic and insurance market conditions, the cyber information provided by Neil Hershfield from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,  and the highly rated breakout session, What You Need to Know About Closing a Coal-Fired Plant