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Cyber coverage gains momentum with new U.S. underwriting team

AEGIS cyber coverage is now underwritten by a new team based in the U.S. The maximum capacity for our CyberResilience+ product remains $50 million.  The policy provides Difference in Conditions (DIC) coverage which wraps around existing AEGIS property and excess liability programs to help provide back-to-back cyber protection of information technology and operational technology against cyber attacks, cyber terrorism and security breaches. 

At the conference, many of you had the opportunity to meet members of our new cyber underwriting team which is based in New Jersey and led by Dawn Simmons, Vice President, and Ho-Tay Ma, Underwriting Officer.  Dawn and Ho-Tay have received more than 30 inquiries and 10 requests for quotes, and have bound one cyber policy in the short time they’ve been up and running, and we’re grateful for this support.  For more information, please contact Dawn by e-mail or by phone at 201.508.2629.