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AEGIS cyber coverage for energy companies gains momentum

With high-profile cyber-attacks on the rise, such as those on Sony, Home Depot and Target, more and more AEGIS member companies are purchasing our cyber coverage. In a departure from earlier days when there was a lot of interest, but not many purchases, more than 40 members have approached us recently for quotes on cyber coverage, 23 policies have been bound, and 14 are pending. As the exposures and number of known claims increase, we expect this trend to continue, and we will continue to enhance our cyber coverage and related services to keep pace. Indeed, cyber risk dominated the discussion at some of our recent regional meetings.
The AEGIS cyber policy is written through our London syndicate with a $50 million limit and it was recently enhanced with Difference in Conditions (DIC) coverage. The DIC wraps around existing AEGIS property and excess liability programs to help provide back-to-back cyber protection of information technology and operational technology against cyber-attacks, cyber terrorism and security breaches. The policy is tailored to the specific needs of each member company and it also provides access to our in-house energy cybersecurity consultants on matters of risk management, loss control and incident response. Given the increasing risk profile of cybersecurity, we are in the process of adding additional cyber insurance talent in our New Jersey office. For more information, please contact George Keefe by e-mail or by phone at 201.508.2797.