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Jack Denman – AEGIS EVP and Chief Financial Officer

I am deeply saddened to have to tell you that our colleague and good friend, Jack Denman, passed away over the weekend.

As many of you know, Jack has been the Chief Financial Officer of AEGIS for many years. He was hired by Chairman Bob Fortune in 1987. He worked with Bob, Bernie Kennedy, Wes von Schack and me over the years helping guide AEGIS through many financial challenges. Jack was a brilliant man who was truly devoted to AEGIS. He has been my right hand for the past eighteen years.

Jack may have seemed tough or gruff to many, but we all knew he had a big heart. He was a great mentor to many in all divisions of the company, not just Accounting. Jack came from a large, tight-knit family, all of whom he would joke and complain about, but all of whom he loved dearly. And it seems he treated his AEGIS family the same way.

Jack was a wonderful guy and we will miss him.