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November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

The high winds and storm surge from Hurricane Sandy forced us to close our East Rutherford office last Monday. We directed our employees to stay home for their own safety until the local conditions improve and power is restored in our building. Many AEGIS employees will be without power for some time and some have damage to their homes but we are very grateful that none were seriously injured.

At this time, power has still not been restored to our offices. Our business continuity provisions, however, have enabled us to carry on despite the outage. We are bringing all systems and applications back online in an orderly fashion. Our staff has access to email and underwriting systems and will continue to work remotely over the weekend and into next week, if necessary.

If you or your brokers are unable to reach the AEGIS personnel you need, please contact Alan Maguire and we will immediately find a solution for you. Please check our website for updates.