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New Review of Major Liability Losses summaries posted on website

AEGIS Loss Control recently added twenty new Review of Major Liability Losses (RMLL) claims summaries to our website. These summaries provide valuable information regarding the nature and significance of large losses associated with electric and natural gas utility operations. They are intended to help member companies raise the level of safety awareness among their operating personnel by highlighting the information or events that contributed to major incidents. A "Lessons To Be Learned" section in each claim summary contains suggestions to prevent a recurrence.

Each summary is based on a loss associated with a claim that closed in or prior to calendar year 2011. They are organized on the website by operation type – Major Electric Claims Summaries (1983 to 2011) and Major Natural Gas Claims Summaries (1983 to 2011). For more information, please contact Scot Macomber by e-mail or at 201.508.2739.