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How to get the most from your Loss Control programs

What risk manager would not like to point to a savings of $6 million or more? The average cost of either a transmission and distribution liability claim or a power generation property claim is approaching $6 million – so the potential benefits of effective loss control programs to individual member companies and the membership as a whole are significant.

We want to thank all the members who have taken advantage of the risk mitigation expertise, products and services we provide through AEGIS Loss Control. Last year, 130 member companies worked with us to:

Complete 116 risk assessments at 90 member companies with natural gas, electric or water operations and 459 Property and Boiler Machinery risk assessments at 30 member companies.
Conduct 28 Focused Services engagements to address specific issues identified during risk assessments.
Train 1,428 employees at 21 member companies with natural gas operations.
Conduct four Investigating Electrical Incident Workshops and six Investigating Natural Gas Incident Workshops at member company locations.
Broadcast four webinars on a variety of utility operations topics and conduct three one-day seminars on the topic of media relations at utility incident scenes.
Publish the Review of Major Liability Losses claims summaries and a variety of Loss Control articles on the AEGIS website.
Each of these services, educational events and publications are designed to help member companies maintain safe and effective operating systems while reducing their overall long-term cost of risk.

With the rising costs of settling many property and casualty claims, we encourage all member companies to take advantage of these cost-saving programs from AEGIS Loss Control.  Start by reading more about the new Review of Major Liability Losses summaries below. Share the valuable password-protected information, training programs and videos on our website with your company’s engineering, operating and safety staff by forwarding these easy access instructions.  Or set up a meeting with Bill Powell, former Manager – Risk Management & Environmental Services at Salt River Project, and now Vice President – Member Relations at AEGIS, who can tell you about his experiences using AEGIS Loss Control services at Salt River Project and how they can enhance the loss control programs at your company.  You can reach Bill any time by e-mail or at 201.508.2702.