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Evolving utility risk survey is planned

The RMAC's Evolving Utility Risk Task Force worked throughout 2009 and 2010 to identify more than 20 evolving risks and organize them into four categories: climate and environment, digital connectivity, operations and infrastructure, and financial. During the past year, many member companies have turned to this study to help validate their ERM programs, and our colleagues at AGA, EEI and EIM have found it to be a valuable resource for industry-wide ERM efforts as well.

In an effort to further enhance the value of this work for members, we plan to solicit the input of a larger group of policyholders via an online survey similar to the surveys we have conducted in recent years on the subjects of limits and loss control services. We hope the membership-wide responses will help validate the task force conclusions and increase the breadth, depth and value of the current study.

Please watch your e-mail for details in the coming weeks. We will announce the results as soon as they are available and we will present them formally at the Policyholders’ Conference in July. Thank you in advance for contributing to this valuable and ongoing work.