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Loss Control Survey

Over the years we have developed our Loss Control capabilities to provide loss control services to you as well as to assist our underwriters as they evaluate each member's unique risk profile. With the inception of our property program we expanded our engineering resources to help our underwriting team evaluate different types of facilities and equipment and we've made these same professional services available to you on a "for fee" basis.

This year we are reviewing our loss control operations from top to bottom. We want to make sure that the services we provide are the ones that you find most useful. We also want to make sure that we visit your facilities frequently enough to be able to effectively evaluate how your risks and loss control efforts are evolving. We believe the information developed from these loss control assessments should be a prime differentiator of risk as we underwrite and rate your insurance placements with AEGIS.

As a first step, we are going to ask you to complete a survey that will give you the opportunity to register your opinion on your loss control interactions with AEGIS. This questionnaire is the joint effort of a special task force commissioned at our most recent RMAC meeting. The task force includes members from each of our three advisory committees including RMAC, loss control and claims professionals. You will receive the survey in your email next week and we would like you to return your responses by June 30th. It should take only a few minutes to complete.

We plan to review the results with you at the Policyholders' Conference and we think this should be interesting for all of us. In the coming months we will use these results in our deliberations with the task force members to make sure that our loss control efforts are appropriately integrated into our underwriting and rating processes. We hope you will share with us any thoughts you have on these subjects in the survey and as the year progresses.