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New Training DVD - Natural Gas Emergencies

AEGIS has partnered with Operations Technology Development (OTD) to produce a new training DVD, "Natural Gas -- Recognizing and Avoiding the Hazards, Volume 2, A Training Tool for Emergency Responders." The program is divided into six sections including Natural Gas Basics, Static Electricity, Fires in Industrial Complexes, Gas Main Leaks and Fires, Odorant Emergencies, and Liquid Natural Gas. The DVD focuses on the properties of natural gas and the correct procedures for responding to gas-related emergency situations, so that first responders are better prepared to protect property, the lives of those they serve and themselves.

AEGIS members may order up to three copies at no cost through the website and additional copies are available at a nominal cost. For more information, please contact Lucille Jackowski via e-mail or phone at 201.508.2736.