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New global warming litigation service and online resources

We recently added a new service to the roster of litigation services we offer to our member companies – the AEGIS Climate Change Litigation Service. This new service is designed to serve AEGIS members presently involved in, or imminently threatened by, climate change-related litigation.

Climate change-related litigation involves highly complex scientific, technical and legal issues that are specific to the climate change controversy. The new global warming litigation service is a single, centralized source of information on climate change litigation and related issues – so it helps members access the information they need in a quick, cost-effective manner while reducing the duplication of effort and the costs associated with litigation.

To learn more about this or any of the other AEGIS litigation services, please visit our website or contact either Jeff Schupack by e-mail or phone at 201.508.2658 or Brian Ekdahl by e-mail or phone at 201.508.2643.

We have also added a new section to our website that focuses on Climate Change. In it, you will find information about recent developments in the law related to climate change – as well as a number of useful articles, case documents, reports and other information arranged by these categories: climate change litigation, legislation regulation and policy litigation, corporate compliance and risk management, and international developments.