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Regional member and broker meetings

Our series of regional meetings with members and brokers was well received last year and we’re pleased to announce the schedule and locations for 2004:

Dallas — Wednesday, April 14

Jersey City — Wednesday, May 5

Seattle — Tuesday, June 22

Las Vegas — Tuesday, October 19

As those of you who have attended one of our regional meetings already know, the main purpose is to give you an intimate opportunity to tell us what you need and how we’re doing. Most attendees also found these forums to be a great opportunity for comparing notes on risk management issues with other risk managers and brokers. We’ll also spend some time telling you about our latest initiatives.

The meeting is a one-day event so most of you will be able to drive or fly between home and the meeting on the same day. However, if you’d like to stay overnight, AEGIS will reimburse one person from each member company for one night’s stay in the meeting hotel.

We’re finalizing the meeting details now and we’ll provide specific information for the meeting in your area when we get closer to the actual dates. We look forward to seeing you!