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Following form excess liability product update

A number of AEGIS members have already purchased the new high excess liability product that’s been available through our syndicate since July. We appreciate your interest and support.

The policy wording tracks very closely to the standard AEGIS wording, adding only an absolute asbestos exclusion, an exclusion clarifying that D&O is not included, and a modified war exclusion required in the Lloyd's market. Employment Practices Liability is now available, and E&P companies can now participate in the program, subject to a special endorsement addressing their unique exposures.

The application process has been streamlined. The Syndicate requires a very brief, signed application. They also require copies of your current AEGIS excess liability policy, your most recent application, and any subsequent renewal applications (short form), which our underwriters in Jersey City can forward to the Syndicate upon authorization from the AEGIS member.

The final policy wording, along with the application, will be posted to our web site within the coming weeks. For more information, please contact David Croom-Johnson by e-mail or at