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August 8, 2003

Side A D & O coverage

In response to the interest many of you’ve expressed, we developed and are now pleased to offer Side A D&O coverage. The policy is written on an excess basis and the maximum aggregate limit is $15 million. In addition, by using this capacity as the first layer in a Side A program, members can also benefit from the collaborative AEGIS claims process, should a claim arise.

For more product details, please refer to the Side A coverage description posted in the Underwriting Products section, or contact Kent Shelley at 201.521.4734 or Karen Larson at 201.521.4661.


Member property credit

More than 200 AEGIS members have taken advantage of the AEGIS property program since its inception and, based on your support, we’re instituting a new member property credit program to allow members to participate in AEGIS’s growth from this line. To qualify, a member must have an AEGIS participation of 20% of a quoted layer or $150 million of AEGIS capacity on risk.

For more details, contact Gary Ladman at 201.521.4831.


The 2004 AEGIS Policyholders' Conference

Manchester Hyatt San Diego. We look forward to seeing you there!