Major Liability Losses Electric_event
Review of Selected AEGIS Major Liability Losses - Electric
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Online

The majority of electric claims received at AEGIS result from construction workers who are injured or killed while working from construction equipment, people who contact a downed or sagging wire, and those participating in sports and other outdoor recreational activities who come in contact with the electric system.  Electric utilities go to great lengths to avoid these incidents in the course of constructing, inspecting and maintaining their systems.  They also develop and conduct public safety awareness programs directed at the public, contractors and schoolchildren.  Yet, these unfortunate incidents continue to occur.  

AEGIS Claims and Loss Control professionals will review selected closed claims and describe how to navigate to the AEGIS publication – Review of Major Liability Losses (RMLL) – on the AEGIS website at  The webinar will focus on selected electric claims and the lessons that can be learned from the incidents.  These closed claims have been selected from the Review of Major Liability Losses, which is published annually to provide valuable information to AEGIS members regarding the nature and significance of losses associated with electric utility operations and the lessons learned. RMLLs can be used by member utilities for training, safety and shape-up meetings, or tailgate sessions to remind employees that following procedures and performing their job assignment correctly each time can decrease the chance of something going wrong.   

The webinar will be presented by Laura Strowbridge, Senior Utility Consultant from the AEGIS Loss Control Division and Garrett Finnegan, Senior Litigation Counsel, from the AEGIS Claims Division.