Natural Gas Operator Training_event
Natural Gas Operator Training
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 | 2:00pm to 3:00pm Online

Trained, qualified employees are at the heart of every utility’s efforts to operate and maintain safe and reliable natural gas delivery systems.  The courses offered by AEGIS are designed to teach not only the principles of maintaining safe and reliable service, but also how to apply those principles in the field.  These fee-based programs are offered on-site at natural gas company facilities or natural gas association “hands-on” meetings.  Working with the host company to incorporate their policies and procedures, the courses can be customized to support the utility’s existing training programs and emphasize the importance of protecting life and property. 

This webinar will discuss these AEGIS Gas Operator Training courses:

First Response reminds first response personnel of the procedures to follow when responding to reports of gas leaks and odors.  Leakage Program Management describes the various components of an effective Leak Management Program and how to properly implement them.  Types of leak surveys, survey schedules, available equipment, documentation and the management of leaks will be discussed.  Customer Contact is specific to those who answer the phone and dispatch odor complaint calls.  It covers the basics of natural gas, carbon monoxide and leak causes.  A major focus of this program is coaching personnel in what questions to ask, identifying "red flag" answers, and providing the proper response.  Gas Leak Pinpointing involves accurately pinpointing underground gas leaks.  This class is designed to make the pinpointing process safer and more efficient, and help reduce costly "misses".  Utility Locating is designed for one-call locating personnel, as well as construction and maintenance personnel.  It covers the principals involved and the techniques required to accurately locate the underground distribution system.  Each of these training courses will use the AEGIS publication, Review of Major Liability Losses, which reminds participants of real events such as fires and explosions that cause death, injuries and property damage when something goes wrong.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own on-the-job experiences to class to share with the group, encouraging interactive experiences that turn into memorable and teachable moments.

The webinar will be presented by David Zak, Senior Utility Professional, AEGIS Loss Control Utility Operations and the lead instructor for Gas Operator Training.  Prior to joining AEGIS nearly three years ago, he spent 21 years with Ameren Utilities in Illinois and Missouri.  David has a background in field operations, training and operator qualification.  He is also a member of industry organizations such as the American Gas Association, Midwest Energy Association, Western Energy Institute, the Northeast Gas Association, and the Missouri Association of Natural Gas Operators.