Electric and NG safety schoolchildren_event
School's Open - Electric and Natural Gas Safety for Schoolchildren
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm Online

Electric and natural gas utilities face the continuous challenge of educating the public, customers, first responders, contractors and schoolchildren.  Utilities have a “duty to warn” these groups regarding the potential hazards they may encounter and actions they can take to stay safe.

The message delivery methods vary and include the utility’s website, social media, newspapers, radio, television, billboards, bill messages, customer newsletters and in-classroom demonstrations, among others.  Frequently, these safety messages are based on the utility’s own experience with past events.

This webinar will focus on programs that educate schoolchildren on a variety of subjects related to electricity and natural gas delivery systems, including substations, meters, padmount transformers, and natural gas leaks.  We will also review educational products and services available to utilities.

Pamela Moore, President of Moore Syndication, a leading supplier of safety and energy efficiency educational materials for electric and natural gas utilities, will discuss her company's involvement in offering electrical and natural gas utility safety programs for schoolchildren for the past 29 years.