Claims Roundtable: Cessation of Service: Risks and Liabilities That Start When Service Ends
Thursday, June 14, 2018 | East Rutherford, NJ

The termination of gas or electric service does not terminate the utility’s exposure to personal injury, property damage or business loss claims. The way in which terminations are accomplished or how interruptions are handled can actually increase the risk of legal liability and adversely impact regulatory compliance programs. These concerns are particularly acute as utilities consider threats of terrorist and cyber attacks.

The panel will present case studies and address these and other issues that arise when service is disconnected or major failures occur.


Karrie J. Clinkinbeard
Armstrong Teasdale
Kansas City, MO

Lynn Hursh
Armstrong Teasdale
Kansas City, MO

David P. Abernathy
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel
Spire Inc.
St. Louis, MO

Quentin Baker
Baker Engineering and Risk Consultation, Inc. (BakerRisk)
San Antonio, TX