AEGIS Loss Trends webinar_event
Loss Trends in Renewable Energy
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Online

As renewable energy assets are deployed throughout the U.S., a distinct set of loss trends is emerging.  This webinar will identify some of these trends and offer valuable solutions for risk mitigation and avoidance.

The webinar will be presented by Jon Harding, Principal at RELA (Renewable Energy Loss Adjusters).  Jon is responsible for the losses adjusted by RELA in the Americas and possesses extensive knowledge of policy coverage issues.  Jon has experience in handling multi-million-dollar property, renewable energy, power generation, oil & gas, business interruption, transportation (airports, ports, road infrastructure), telecommunication, CAR/EAR and liability losses.  He has extensive risk surveying experience for both local insurers and international reinsurers.  Jon has handled major losses for renewable and traditional energy and petrochemical accounts in North America, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela.  He has managed several catastrophic events involving windstorm, flood and earthquake claims in the Caribbean, North America, Central America, New Zealand and Australia.