AEGIS Steam Turbine Generator Life Extension_event
Steam Turbine Generator Life Extension
Wednesday, November 1, 2017 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Online

In many cases when a steam turbine approaches the end of its design life, utilities explore the option of continued operation and assess the related costs.  This webinar will address the considerations involved in extending the safe and reliable operation of a steam turbine.

The webinar will be presented by Warren Alford and Tom Joyce of Siemens Energy, Inc.  Warren has a BSEE from NC State and a MSEE from the University of Pittsburgh.  Over his career with Westinghouse and Siemens, he has focused on developing state-of-the art hardware and software applications to improve both onsite and factory inspection capabilities, including robotics and digitalization systems.  He has formed and managed inspection and engineering groups for PWR and BWR projects, both in the US and globally.  Currently, he manages the NDE & Specialty Services group for Siemens Energy.  Tom has been a senior design engineer with Siemens for eight years and earned his BS (ME) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  During his time with Siemens, Tom has worked in steam turbine engineering with a focus on fossil valves and actuators.  His roles include factory support, field support, new apparatus, modernizations, life evaluations and R&D.