Natural Gas Assets_Oct 2017 webinar_event
Natural Gas Assets - Advanced Leak Survey Technology
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm Online

The Code of Federal Regulations, CFR §192.723, provides guidance to those who operate natural gas distribution systems regarding periodic leakage surveys as well as the type and scope of leakage control programs, which are determined by the nature of operations and local conditions.  Leakage surveys of natural gas transmission lines must be conducted at intervals not exceeding 15 months, but at least once each calendar year.  However, in the case of a transmission line which transports gas in conformity with CFR §192.625 (without an odor or odorant), leakage surveys using leak-detector equipment must be conducted more frequently in Class 3 or 4 locations.

Leak survey methods and technology have evolved significantly over the years.  This webinar will examine one of the newest leak-detection technologies and its impact on the natural gas operations at one utility.  This new technology is 1,000 times more sensitive, with the ability to identify leak locations as well as leak-free areas, and differentiate between biogenic methane and pipeline-quality natural gas, while generating a data-driven audit trail for company records.  Its secure user interface provides a real-time view of the survey coverage area and leak indications found.  The related efficiencies and cost savings that have been realized in the overall leak survey operation will also be discussed.

This webinar will be presented by Jeff Goetzman, Advanced Leak Detection Manager for CenterPoint Energy, which is headquartered in Houston.  CenterPoint Energy delivers natural gas to 3.2 million customers in four states.  Jeff has been with CenterPoint Energy for more than 36 years and has held leadership positions in the areas of Corrosion Control, Field Measurement and Leak Survey.