Tuesday, July 18
Lessons Learned from AEGIS Claims and Loss Control
Scott Macomber, Vice President – Loss Control
Joshua Fleischer, Vice President – Property Operations, Loss Control
Mark Bluestein, Vice President & Senior Counsel – Claims
Andrew Granzow, Vice President – Claims

Wednesday, July 19
2017 Economic and Insurance Market Conditions and Disruption in the Insurance Industry
Sean Kevelighan, Chief Executive Officer – Insurance Information Institute

Cyber – Post-attack and claim services
Melissa Ventrone, Esq. – Thompson & Coburn
Adam DeMonaco, Senior Director, Chief Security Officer – Kivu Consulting

D&O trends with Dan Bailey
Dan A. Bailey, Member – Bailey Cavalieri LLC
Fred Murnane, Vice President, D&O – AEGIS

Contractual Risk Transfer
Garrett Finnegan, Senior Litigation C
David P. Abernathy, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel – Spire
Bryony Bowers-Hodges, Assistant General Counsel – SCANA
Steven Verbeski, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Power & Utility – Hays Companies

Battery Storage Technology & Exposures
Michelle Wilkerson, Manager, Global Insurance – AES Global Insurance Company
Andrew Baillie, Program Director, Global Insurance – AES Global Insurance Company
Justin Voss, Director, Risk Engineering – AES Global Insurance Company

Predictive Analytics/Big Data
John Lucker, Global Advanced Analytics & Modeling Market Leader – Deloitte

New AEGIS products and services
William Hillman, Senior Vice President, Underwriting – AEGIS
Martin Gaffney, Vice President, Underwriting – AEGIS
Bob Finelli, Vice President, Underwriting – AEGIS

Thursday, July 20
Leadership in Crisis: What You Could Face and How You Prepare Against It
Rhoda Woo, Managing Director, Crisis Management Solutions – Deloitte