Public Safety Awareness_June 2017_event
Public Safety Awareness – Measuring Behavior Change
Wednesday, June 7, 2017 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm Online

Utilities continue to deal with incidents, injuries and accidents involving the public, customers, emergency responders and public officials.  Yet the appropriate messages about how to identify, report, and avoid electric and natural gas emergency situations don’t always reach those who live, work and play in the vicinity of utility delivery systems.  The goal of public safety awareness efforts is to prevent an incident and help the targeted audiences report any perceived emergencies to their utility.  With the right performance indicators and on-going effectiveness research, utilities are proving that their efforts are changing unsafe behaviors and preventing incidents and injuries, moving from a culture of loss to a culture of prevention.   This webinar will provide a methodology for measuring the behavior change resulting from public safety outreach programs, addressing key issues such as:

  • Identifying critical at-risk audiences and the public safety strategies and tactics that change unsafe behaviors

  • Capturing and analyzing longitudinal data that demonstrate moving the needle and provide for national benchmarking

  • Enhancing your company’s brand and culture by adopting an enterprise risk management approach to public safety

This webinar will be presented by Culver Company account manager Thea Hillman.  Culver Company has developed public safety strategies for 39 years and works with more than 1,000 utilities each year. Thea is an experienced communications specialist who has successfully raised awareness and motivated behavior change among at-risk utility customers and other stakeholders, as well as utilities themselves, through employee engagement and change management initiatives.  She specializes in electric and natural gas safety, natural gas pipeline public awareness, and end-user energy efficiency safety awareness.