Dirty Dozen Causes_event
The Dirty Dozen Causes of Errors and Accidents
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm Online

During a pipeline system shutdown, a crew worked 34 hours, without a break, installing a new piping system.  At hour 28, a laborer was trying to align two flanges.  He stuck his hand in the wrong place and two fingers were cut and smashed.  The cause?  Fatigue – one of the “Dirty Dozen” causes of industrial errors and accidents.

This webinar introduces the twelve most common human causes of industrial errors and accidents, and suggests ways to help prevent them.  Originally developed in the aviation industry, the Dirty Dozen are: stress, fatigue, complacency, distractions, lack of awareness, lack of communication, lack of assertiveness, lack of knowledge, norms, pressure, lack of teamwork and lack of resources.  The presentation will also cover the immediate actions that can be taken by individuals and by organizations to reduce the effects of the Dirty Dozen.

The webinar will be presented by Charles Alday – Human Factors Consultant at the Pipeline Performance Group.  Charles has 45 years of experience in pipeline construction, operations, maintenance, management and consulting.  For the last six years of his 30-year career with Colonial Pipeline, he worked with people and teams throughout the organization as the leader of their Operational Excellence program, which is designed to eliminate pipeline leaks, spills and errors.  A human factors program was the critical component of Operational Excellence.  He has provided human factors and organizational consulting with many other pipeline companies as well, including the comprehensive analyses of eight pipeline control centers.  He has led and participated in task analysis, time and task workload study, cognitive workload study and alarm study at Colonial Pipeline.  Charles is a regular presenter at Southern Gas Association, American Gas Association, API Pipeline Conferences and Control Room Forums drawing from his extensive experience on topics related to fatigue, workload and training.