AEGIS Pipeline-Event
Pipeline Corrosion Risks Associated with Alternating Current Voltages
Wednesday, January 7, 2015 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Online

Stray current from alternating current power lines can affect buried structures in two critical ways.   First, the stray AC current may result in a safety issue that could put utility personnel and the public in danger.   Second, stray AC current may cause significant corrosion of pipelines that cathodic protection might not be able to mitigate.  

While stray current is usually thought of as being a problem with pipeline directly beneath high voltage AC transmission lines, it can also affect underground structures that are not directly beneath the HV power lines.  This webinar will discuss the causes of AC stray current, and its effects on pipeline corrosion, safety, safety standards, and methods to mitigate corrosion.

The webinar will be presented by Walt Young of Corrpro Companies, Inc.  Walt has 44 years of experience as a corrosion engineer, and he has authored more than 50 technical papers and made numerous presentations on the subject of corrosion.  This will be the third corrosion webinar Walt has conducted for AEGIS Loss Control.