This day-and-a-half training workshop provides AEGIS members with information needed to properly investigate incidents involving inadvertent or intentional contact with an electric utility's system equipment, power lines and supporting structures. Participants will learn about the objectives of investigations, determining the causes of incidents, conducting witness interviews, National Electric Safety Code and CA General Order 95 clearance rules, and the importance of properly collecting, documenting and retaining evidence.

AEGIS member company personnel from operations, claims, engineering and safety are welcome to attend. Those who are involved with field investigations are particularly encouraged, including operations supervisors, operations field personnel, T&D engineers, claims investigators, safety professionals and legal counsel. As a pre-requisite to this workshop and a help in understanding the basics of electricity, it is suggested that attendees view the AEGIS video Recognizing and Avoiding the Hazards Chapter 1- Basic Electricity.

The workshop registration fee is $150 for employees of AEGIS member companies. Two breakfasts and a lunch will be provided; however attendees will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations.