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2013 Emergency Preparedness and Response Seminar

Tuesday, October 15
Weather Patterns in the United States
Angela Buchman, WTHR 13 (NBC Indianapolis)

AGA Mutual Assistance Program
Nneka Assing, American Gas Association (AGA)

Mutual Assitance Network
Gail Royster, Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Mutual Aid: A Legal Perspective
G. Bruce Parkerson, Esq. Plauche Maselli Parkerson LLP

Wednesday, October 16
Storm Hardening Initiatives
Griffin Reilly, Consolidated Edison

Storm Restoration "Derecho" June 29, 2012
Emory Nadeau, Dominion Virginia Power

FPL Hurricane Storm Preparation
Evermary Hickey, Florida Power & Light Company

Preparing the Workforce for Emergencies
Lawrence Chandler, Southwest Gas

Hurricane Katrina-Disaster Response & Lessons Learned
Patrick Leathers, Mississippi Power Company

Recommended Practices in Emergency Communications
Molly Hall, Energy Education Council

Cindy Stevens, Colorado Springs Utilities
Fire Chief Mike Myers, Colorado Springs Utilities

The Joplin Tornado: 32 Minutes in May
David Layne, The Empire District Electric Company

Improving Emergency Preparedness: Ice Storm of 2008
Richard Francazio, Unitil

Business Continuity
Lynn Miller, Cedar Falls Utilities

Emergency Preparedness
Ray Stanford, Sempra

Challenges and Lessons Learned-Hurricane Katrina
Perry DuFrene, Entergy

Communications-Before, During and After the Storm
Carol Valianti, Unitil

Thursday, October 17
A Partnership in Safety
Matthew Palmer, Utility Emergency Solutions, Inc.
Captain Mike Stein, New York City Fire Dept. (retired)

Florida City Gas Emergency Response Plan
Carolyn Bermudez, City Gas of Florida

New Technology-Drones Assessing Storm Damage
Matthew G. Olearczyk, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Common Program Elements
Scot Macomber, AEGIS Insurance Services, Inc.